May 01, 2010

Les Betes

Ladies, gentlemen, inteligent apes and grays: Eva-03 (Rebuild ver.)
More than anything, finding an Asuka pic of her in that particular plugsuit was hard (most were fan art). Outside of that it was easy, I added a "misty" filter on the image to make it blurry (think I over did it)
The Eva with the long arms was easy to pose, I would just like that Revoltechs could bend their back backwards... More backwards... I mean... That's all it can go...
Some colors were faded and other enhanced, like the eye color and the marks on the Eva's shoulder, those turned out really crappy, but I had already saved and couldn't "undo" further back... If you look closely, you can see Bardiel in the plug area, that was drawn 'cuz, ironically, I forgot to put the contaminated entry plug on the figure (I mean, DUH! It's the most important thing!).
Once again It's a simple BG... Still can't make wire towers...
I know next one IS cool, considering who it is... ;D

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