December 25, 2010

Xmas Special 2

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Special thanks: Shinies from the Evageeks forum for the sugestion
Mount Fuji image on BG: Google Earth

December 23, 2010

X-mas special 1

A hovering object was found over Tokio III!
Let's be paranoid and fire at discretion!
All the buildings are brushes and the Santa is a resin figure my mom has around...
What a sad destiny... Could it be...
The end of Christmas!?

December 11, 2010

Something You May Use

Just finished this one... I've had the idea of a page marker since a long time ago (even before the conception of the blog itself!)
The look a bit jammed there don't you think?
I decided not to erase the joints this time (the ugly truth: got lazy)...
All you have to do now is print; pierce the upper part and slide a ribbon or string to use!
You may want to plastify it...
I have one planned for the Rebuild Evas, but I dunno if make it 'till the movies are finished (that may take one or two years) or make them with the ones I've got so far...
Anyhow, the next image is the Xmas special!
Got something nice in the oven for next week!

December 04, 2010

Neo-Skin (no trademark infrightment intended)

The new skin of my Eva 04:
Aditionally, I rehearshed with this machine-gun that a friend gave me...

So... He has a toy for his own!

The Evangelion 2.0 group photo:

OMG! Eva 03 is an angel! And he pretended to be your friend!

He betrayed our feelings!