January 26, 2013

Floating to Help

No, the first (let's call it "commission work" despite it wasn't precisely that) I've made: Eva 04 floating in front of Ramiel's fiery explosion as seen in the Rebuild of Evangelion Pachinko games... I think they're called "Last Messenger" or "Last Angel"...

Anyhow, I've used again the water reflection effect I used last HERE and the 2.0 mold Eva 04 (which is actually a custom I made)

I must say, erasing the silvery color of both this Eva and the 2.0 mold Eva 00 is quite difficult for me... I dunno why... In any case, for once since many months ago I have the image for next week ready!
Also, is the Eva gliding, hovering, levitating, floating or what!?

Well, next Monday I have to go back to school so once again the week skipping, although considering that I've not been posting on a weekly basis as originally planned I dunno why I give excuses XD

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January 19, 2013

Operation Yashima II

Eva 01 ready to fire the Positron Sniper Rifle (the "2nd Experimental High Power Self-Propelled 460mm Positron Cannon" according to the official designation)...

This time I used again Google's SketchUp to make the firing pit, well, the best approximation I could make with the basic knowledge I've gathered so far about the program...
This is barely the 3rd time I've used that Positron Rifle, the first one was here and the other here... And never with the same Eva 01! 
BTW, the figure it's making it's debut on the blog: it's the Revoltech #032! 
I bought it in December but I didn't had the chance of using it until now, so here it is!
Also, its addition completes all the Evangelion Revoltech collection of mine (let's leave aside the very 1st version of Eva 05 and all those unnecessary limited editions that just vary a bit the color or transparency of other Evas :D )

Anyway, besides the 3D thingie no new stuff here... I'm already making the image for next week (one of Eva 04, a requested by someone)

January 13, 2013

Wrecking Tokyo III

It's been a while since I used Eva 05 for an image so I decided to put it here, in another strange fight...

This time, to create the city behind, I used Google's SketchUp... The city IS 3D design even when not noticeable due to the drawn appearance of the buildings, but it's a start...
Besides that, I didn't used any new anything on this one (most of the production time went on to making the city and it's renderings)

Have you watched the Eva Q camrip? It's great! I think there will be around 12 new figures!
See ya next week!