April 25, 2010

The Longest Day III

Ramdomness had it weird this time...
Just after Unit-01 with the Positron Rifle of Rebuild 1.0, Unit-00 with the ESV :|
Like the last time, Rei is a screenshot of the movie, and a cold filter was applied to the image to make it look like it was dark (thats why it looks kinda blue-ish).
Now, it's HARD to make a figure pose with that damm shield: there's a lot of weigth in the lower part of it and the bars the figures "use" to hold it are way too small :(
It should be compensated with the fact that it has 4 of those bars but NO... They're way too small for their hands to fit, specially in the models previous to the ones without articulations in the wrists.
I had taken the base picture the same day that I took the one of unit 01 with the Rifle (that way I would struggle with the Rifle and the ESV only once ;D) but I didn't knew then that I would use those pics so quickly... Hmmm... Pobably there will be many other coincidences like this one...
Will see what happens in the future... I'm already making the next one... I hope it looks as good as I want it to be...

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