December 17, 2017

Zeruel's attack (Final)

I swear I remember I have this blog!
And it torments me I can't post as often... When I started it way back in 2010 I made 47 posts! Now, if I make one post a year I'll feel accomplished... 
How the times have changed... I suppose it is either  a perk of growing or the fact that I prefer spending time with my family instead of using 3+ hours to make a new image... When I started this blog I had a lot of spare time, but now... Not so much... 
Still, I find myself doodling potential new images for this blog on the back of my notebooks or in paper scraps, the same way I did when I started...

Today I decided to make this image on a whim...
It's good to see I haven't lost practice, as I made it in under 2 hours.
I decided to continue with this ongoing (and long-overdue) story taken from ep. 19...
Looking back at the first images from this set, I can see how much my style has evolved, from correcting the angles, using less saturated colors, adding light effects and  using better stock trees... I wanted to make them 3D but on that I have lost practice.

Anyways, I still try to post videos and answer any questions on my Youtube channel, since that medium allows for better interaction... I guess a Blog was not the best medium to showcase this hobby. One thing is sure: I will go on buying and reviewing this amazing figures for the sake of a hobby... 

A true offspring of iddleness!

December 25, 2016


One Limited Edition after another!
This time, I have the Revoltech Evangelion 04 Test Type, RapidBorer Equipped Version.
This one was done very quickly using assets I have pre-made, like the AT Field.
Zeruel is a scan/redrawing/coloring of the shot from Evangelion 2.0, taken from the genga collection of Evangelion 2.0 #02.
There's nothing new on this image, as most of the work in it is something I have made countless times, I wanted to use some 3D modeling, but time caught up to me so that had to be scrapped.

The figure was made for the Evangelion 4D experience at Universal Studios Japan and released earlier this year.
Worth the wait (and cost :v ) 
You can see a review of this Eva HERE

September 17, 2016

Next time!

Over a year and no posts!
I suppose this is what people called "adulthood"... Then again it's not that bad... Is it?

The's recap, the Revoltech Evangelion 8+2 used in this image was bought months ago and I have been making this image for over a month now! Since there is no Mass Produced gray Mark 06 figure, those are regular Mark 06 in grayscale... The big screw-termina-dogma-thing of Evangelion Q of the far background was made with 3D modeling, I actually spent a looong time on the textures which due to the blur, you can't actually see in the image (but can see HERE on my Tumblr)

You can also see a video review of this figure in my Youtube channel...
And well, I guess this is all... Man, I really hope my posting schedule doesn't become this spaced-out... I start to feel like Hideaki Anno and Evangelion Final XD

July 26, 2015

It's been a while hasn't it? XD

I Have no excuse, but I'm not willing to let this blog die just yet!
So, this time, Evangelion 05 in its short first (and only) sortie.
Except for the Eva Unit all  other elements in the drawing were 3D designs made by me, in fact I have already made the 3rd Angel completely in 3D Max, but some problems with articulation have kept me from using it al, so until then, you can see the head!
The red pillars on the background were previously used with this image, as well as the tunnel, previously seen here.

Also, I've uploaded a new video review at my Youtube channel, and you can also see this image at my Tumblr

Promise I'll post something new soon!

December 29, 2014


Man, this took a lot of time!
Living in a city other than the one where your PC is, is always difficult...
But I promise I will make the next one awesome!
See ya later!


¡Vaya, esto tomó mucho tiempo!
Vivir en una ciudad diferente a en la que está tu PC es siempre difícil...
¡Pero prometo que haré la siguiente imagen sorprendente!
¡En serio!
¡Hasta la próxima!

October 08, 2014


I have no idea whatsoever if this image bears any resemblance to anything that actually happens in the game the Eva is from XD
But I had been itching to make and image with this figure for too long now, and in fact, I finished it in like 20 minutes... You have no idea how much time the light box saves me when it comes to the original BG erasing...
I'm uploading it today 'cuz I have been busy...
But anyways, I'm in my tablet and trying to use the URL linkers of the blog tool is a nightmare, so... you know where to search for the original pic... 
See ya! 

September 14, 2014

Big Catch II

You can see part 1 HERE...
Using as a guideline the drawing found on the Rebuild 2.0 Groundwork #2 I made and recolored the 8th Angel I used in here...
I think finally I'm getting how to make mist, clouds and similar foggy things XD
Also, you can see a new video review in my Youtube channel...
You can see the original picture used for this image HERE at my Tumblr and complete HERE at my other Tumblr...
Gotta go!
See ya later!

Puedes ver la parte 1 AQUI...
Usando de guía el dibujo el Groundwork #2 de Rebuild 2.0 rehice y coloree el 8vo angel que uso aquí...
Creo que finalmente encontré como se hace la niebla, nubes y cosas nebulosas similares XD
También, puedes ver un nuevo video en mi canal de Youtube...
Puedes ver la fotografía original usado para esta imagen AQUI en mi Tumblr y completa AQUÍ en mi otro Tumblr...
¡Me tengo que ir!
¡Hasta la próxima!