September 17, 2016

Next time!

Over a year and no posts!
I suppose this is what people called "adulthood"... Then again it's not that bad... Is it?

The's recap, the Revoltech Evangelion 8+2 used in this image was bought months ago and I have been making this image for over a month now! Since there is no Mass Produced gray Mark 06 figure, those are regular Mark 06 in grayscale... The big screw-termina-dogma-thing of Evangelion Q of the far background was made with 3D modeling, I actually spent a looong time on the textures which due to the blur, you can't actually see in the image (but can see HERE on my Tumblr)

You can also see a video review of this figure in my Youtube channel...
And well, I guess this is all... Man, I really hope my posting schedule doesn't become this spaced-out... I start to feel like Hideaki Anno and Evangelion Final XD