March 27, 2011

Ambrassadrice Rouge

OMG! A picture without trees in it! After the sad, sad, dissapointment of having my Eva 01 Evolution "lost" in mail, I changed my Eva 02's shipping service to EMS; got here in about 10 days, which is a record for mexican mail...
This image was very easy to make, there are very few joits or other details to erase or hide. I still can't make the crossbow's "magnetic field" lines rigth...

Anyway, I'm upoading the video review of this figure to Youtube rigth now (HD, so it's taking eons!) I'm really satisfied with this figure, can't hardly wait for Eva 00 and 03 to be released (and 01 re-ordered ¬¬)

picture edited on May 6th; edited sky color and crossbow's magnetic field

March 19, 2011

I was just petting him!

It must be hard for Zeruel to have a pet...
I wonder how he was petting the headless thing (and again! a mutilated MP Eva!)
I used some previously unseen tree brushes... Besides that, there's not much to say about the drawing, except that I finally mastered the use of chroma keys with Zeruel: since the dark blue nor the cream-colored keys worked for him due to the camera's flash reflection I had to find a purple chroma key...
It only took 5 minutes to erase the BG of the pictures...

Anyhow, have you voted on the poll on the rigth side of the screen?
Time's running out and only 2 votes have been submited!

March 12, 2011

Ligths for Japan

Well, by now it's much more than know what happened in Japan...
So I stopped production this week's image and made this one...
A little gift of mine: a LOT of ligths for Japan, and not just electric ligth...

Parable of the sun (Light of Hope!)

Good night sun

Where does your light go?

You shine with such hope and joy

Why do you sleep

and let the dark come?

What is that you say?

Oh, I see now

You shine within my heart

so that hope will be with

me in the dark when

times are hard

But then in the morning the

hope you have placed in my heart remains

and you go out into the world

to light the way for everyone

I go out in my little part of the world

to shine the light of hope

to all I meet

So, as I lay me down to sleep

I know your holy light is with me

The holy light of God

March 07, 2011

Possesed by an Angel?

At this point it is very clear that my favorite Eva is Unit 03...
A quick .gif for y'all... Was gonna be a stop motion animation but production met the deadline...
Maybe I'll complete it later...
(how many times have I left something incomplete by now?)

March 06, 2011

1st Anniversary Special Image

The top secret project finally revealed!
Y'all know I have another Eva 03 painted silver, well, his extra arms, an scalpel, more paint, 2 double joints and a lot of posing work and we have...
A Revoltech 4-arms Eva 03!
Almost 5 months before it's release!!!

Well, I guess... Thanks for all the support so far :D (people at EvaGeeks; RobotJapan and to those who reached this domain accidentally)
I saw the Blog's stats, from December 2010 to now there have been about 500 visits monthly, compared to it's first 3 months, it's an improvement...
I wish more people could bump in here, hahaha...
Anyhow... Let's see how many people visits EvaPosers every month in a year!

Ps. Surprises aren't over... I'm making an animated .gif image...

1st Aniversary guest images

A few pics sent by k4t1ll4 (the only other person I know has a 2.0 mold Eva 04)
He had almost every 1st gen Eva, but he sold them ¬¬
Anyhow, he couldn't edit any pics in time...
Cooking something good for 9:00 pm (the hour of the Blog's creation)

March 05, 2011

Evangelion 00: Activation complete!

...and gone like hell...
I had been itching for months to make this scene... Unfortunately I didn't quite knew how...
After a lot of practice and other images, here it is!
The entry plug is from the Eva 01 F-type Bandai model kit I have (no, you'll never see it, it's horribly finished)
I used a lot of splash brushes to make the bakelite and the cracks brushes of last post made another comeback, this time in the shatterproof glass of the control room.
Impact brushes usually used in shades of orange for explotions [see the X-mas special 1 or Zeruel's debut ] were used to make the fist-punches Eva 00 made while going in a homicidal rampage...
Anyhow, tomorrow's the big day!
1st Anniversary!
I haven't received any images yet ¬¬
Sad the blog will have to pass it's 1st BD alone...