March 27, 2010

Today is the time for goodbye

It took a while to try to make the blood splats look like they where ON the armor and not just floating around... Got close to it... The pic's title comes from the BG music playing in that scene...
The BG is drawn: the sky took a while; the mountains not (hence their crapiness)...
The buildings in the 1st plane are brushes... The bloody river looks like spilled orange juice ._.
I think I could have done better whit this one, specially with such cool scene...
Will do better next time...
Mata au hi made :D

March 20, 2010


I think I got over-exited with the brushes...
When I made that pic I had just received my Unit 05, so I wanted to use it; it's a tricky figure to pose, with all those "legs"; all I wanted was some simetry; in the end, that backfired, 'cuz 05 looks static compared with the MP-Eva...
I think I got right the splashes in the water and the blood (though the arm's flight direction just doesn´t fit, but it was too late to change it...) Also added some "movement blur" in the arm and the... "Arm Lance" (?) of unit 05... The photo is a resort/spa center in Mexico called La Trinidad... Cool place (so they say, never been there XD)

March 13, 2010

Air (1)

My fav scene of all Evangelion... Unfortunately, when I made this image I only had the Mass Production eva... So I used Rebuild's Eva-02... Still I liked it... The sky in the far BG is a photo, This is the first pic that I made usind hand drawn-something... Still crappy but improving...
Ps: Dunno WTF with the mountain on the left... In that scene they where on a crater!

March 08, 2010

Number 2

Pic number 2 is... Eva Unit 2!
This time I erased properly the BG and added some lighting in the figure, also fire and smoke from the Rocket Pylons (My name 4 them, dunno what they're called exactly)
Improving... The next one has drawn BG & a picture...

March 06, 2010

Offspring of Idleness

Today at 9:16 Pm (local time) this blog is born.
Objective: make use of all those Evangelion figures I´ve bought and share it whit all of you other owners of Evangelion figures (they can be Revoltechs, Yamato, Soul of Chogokin, generic gashapon, Bandai's
model kits, etc).
AND let you share yours too!
But first: a VERY important detail: well be using trademarks, it's important to point out that I don't own rights to any of these brands or intelectual works, they're all property of either Gainax, Khara, Kaiyodo, etc... Anyway, nor I nor anyone is making money outta this, so... Let us begin...
First image! YAY!
Through certain program (named after a place where you sop 4 photos) that allow some cool image editing I made this! Okey... It's not that much of a photomontage, but they'll get better!