April 25, 2010

The Longest Day III

Ramdomness had it weird this time...
Just after Unit-01 with the Positron Rifle of Rebuild 1.0, Unit-00 with the ESV :|
Like the last time, Rei is a screenshot of the movie, and a cold filter was applied to the image to make it look like it was dark (thats why it looks kinda blue-ish).
Now, it's HARD to make a figure pose with that damm shield: there's a lot of weigth in the lower part of it and the bars the figures "use" to hold it are way too small :(
It should be compensated with the fact that it has 4 of those bars but NO... They're way too small for their hands to fit, specially in the models previous to the ones without articulations in the wrists.
I had taken the base picture the same day that I took the one of unit 01 with the Rifle (that way I would struggle with the Rifle and the ESV only once ;D) but I didn't knew then that I would use those pics so quickly... Hmmm... Pobably there will be many other coincidences like this one...
Will see what happens in the future... I'm already making the next one... I hope it looks as good as I want it to be...

April 17, 2010

Angel of Doom

This time Eva unit 01! (Rebuild's version)
When I realised that the Positron Rifle it too heavy to be hold like that I was way too ahead into the original BG removal to re-take the picture off the figure.
Recreate the climatic scene of 1.0 was harder that I originally though... The firey smoke was hard to draw, Shinji is a screenshot of the movie. The green highlights on the Eva were enhanced, so were the eyes. There are at least 7 layers of smoke behind the Eva; in front and on the back of the rifle and in front of the Eva.
I was suposed to use the first version of Rebuild's Eva 01, but I didn't like that one and skip it's bought (so were the glow in the dark; alternate color ver., F-type equipment and clear color versions of all evas).
Overall it's relatively better than the first ones. I'll keep improving...

April 11, 2010

Angel attack

Randomness dictated that the next image to be drawn was to be unit 03 Tv version. This one is similar to the one of Rei and 00-Kai, BG similar to the one that appears in the chapter and a faded Touji (I have no idea how to spell this guy's name, it appears differently in every page I see it).
The "03" in Touji's plugsuit is drawn, for some reason it read "04". If it was 'cuz he is the 4th child then why Rei's reads "00"?
The Eva's eyes where re-colored and so was the noseplate (tha last one is actually a dull blue)
I wanted to add some electric metal towers with their wires to the BG but I couldn't find a suitable image... Maybe I'll update it later ;D

April 03, 2010


Hello again... This image marks the first one of the pilot-Eva photo set... From now on, every week there will be a new pic of this kind (will it be a Tv version or a Rebuild? Dunno! It's ramdom!!! XD)
Ok, not completely ramdom... I deliberately started with Rei and 00 kai while throwing the Lance of Longinus (I know it should be "Spear", but I like lance more). Why this one? A) Rei rocks B) 00 kai has a nice shade of blue C) The scene of the throwing of the Lance is the coolest on the Tv series!
The Rei in the BG is a screenshot of the Tv chapter, the eye color enhanced and the joints on the wrists and elbows on the Eva were erased.

EDIT:Added buildings and improved the rain design and colors...