July 24, 2013

Zeruel's Attack (Part 5)

Part 5 is here (see also parts 1, 2, 3 and 4)
And I told you in part 4 that you would see a berserk Eva 01 someday! 
And it only had some touch ups, it is an actual custom made from a Revoltech Eva 01, you can see it's first pics here and the original image for this post here...

So, the paper arm of Zeruel was added by making a rectangle and the "deform" tool and the AT field is a stock design I've used previously

Just a week before my Eva 13 is shipped!
And from there it'll be only a few days until Eva 02 gamma XD
See ya later!

July 14, 2013

Space Flight II

Evangelion Production Model Custom-Type Unit 08 in the opening scene of Evangelion Q!

This image involves a large amount of 3D work, namely (and obviously) the rocket boosters, which took me 3 weeks to complete!
I used Google SketchUp for the red structure that holds all together and the top part that holds the Eva and Studio 3D Max 2010 for the rest, this due to some aspects of each program that make some things easy and some others very complicated...
In any case, the Earth at the background is actually a recycled one from HERE, I just mirrored it and gave it a red hue... Mari came out of a 2012 calendar, and she too received some touch-up (can you spot the difference?)

As you see I made 2 versions of this image, one with the Mari and one without her, and to mirror this development, I added a version of this image of Eva 02 without Asuka, that one had her because without her the image seemed empty (as there is no Earth background)

Also, you can see the review of this figure HERE at my Youtube Channel and the original photo of the Evangelion HERE at my Tumblr...

See ya later! 

PS: also using the label "Eva 08" for the first time in the blog... And the color pink XD

July 06, 2013

At the Very Beginning II

The Provisional Evangelion Unit 05 in the underground tunnels of Nerv's Bethany Base in Russia! Part two you ask? part one can be seen HERE

I used the Revoltech's papercraft scenario and Google SketchUp to accommodate the pieces inside the prism...
After that I only had to take a picture of the Eva that matched the angle from which the screen capture of the 3D model was taken...
Few lights here and there and done!

I found myself with some extra cash and decided to buy the Revoltech Evangelion 08 Alpha, it will be here this week, so I'll be posting it's review later, for now, you can watch the video review of Eva 00 and 03 from the 2.0 mold on my Youtube Channel

Also, waiting tight for the Revoltech Evangelion 13!
I saw some finished product pictures and it looks A-MA-ZING!!!
And to make it Even better it'll come with the Hot Toys Ada Wong I pre-ordered too! (you'll see some pics of her in my DevianArt account)

Anyhow, you can see the original image of the Eva HERE