May 22, 2010

Air (2)

Finally an Eva unit 02!
This one is by far the most complex one yet, it includes the hand-drawn BG, the Asuka screenshot and the blur in the figure.
The BG is supposed to replicate the forest of Nerv HQ, in the front there are a couple of trees, I took pics of many scenes in the geofront to see how the trees looked like...
Asuka is also a Scrennshot, however I took the time to add shadows and other details (such as enhance hair reflections and eye color). The green part of her plugsuit was re-colored 'cuz it was a dull greyish-green in the movie (really, watch it in detail and you'll see).
The figure has a "motion blurring" (a little photo filter that I recently dicovered), how to make parts of the figure move in different directions?
Only I know...

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