April 26, 2013

Mark. 06 Re-post

I accidentally erased all Mark. 06 posts when trying to modify the labels XD

I repost all those images plus 2 of Evangelion 01 that went with the Mark. 06 image of that post...

April 11, 2013

Dummy Plug

The sad fate of Evangelion 03...
This took me a bit since  I've had tons of homework this week :(

I had to rush the end of the image (as evidenced by the trees on the left and the ugly building on the right)
but I added those "shines" that pass from the BG as an experiment... I think I almost got it XD

Anywho, they've already announced Evangelion 13 for July!
And Evangelion Q is out in less than 15 days!

So nice I'm back in school where time flows faster :3

See the original image HERE