April 03, 2010


Hello again... This image marks the first one of the pilot-Eva photo set... From now on, every week there will be a new pic of this kind (will it be a Tv version or a Rebuild? Dunno! It's ramdom!!! XD)
Ok, not completely ramdom... I deliberately started with Rei and 00 kai while throwing the Lance of Longinus (I know it should be "Spear", but I like lance more). Why this one? A) Rei rocks B) 00 kai has a nice shade of blue C) The scene of the throwing of the Lance is the coolest on the Tv series!
The Rei in the BG is a screenshot of the Tv chapter, the eye color enhanced and the joints on the wrists and elbows on the Eva were erased.

EDIT:Added buildings and improved the rain design and colors...

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