April 17, 2010

Angel of Doom

This time Eva unit 01! (Rebuild's version)
When I realised that the Positron Rifle it too heavy to be hold like that I was way too ahead into the original BG removal to re-take the picture off the figure.
Recreate the climatic scene of 1.0 was harder that I originally though... The firey smoke was hard to draw, Shinji is a screenshot of the movie. The green highlights on the Eva were enhanced, so were the eyes. There are at least 7 layers of smoke behind the Eva; in front and on the back of the rifle and in front of the Eva.
I was suposed to use the first version of Rebuild's Eva 01, but I didn't like that one and skip it's bought (so were the glow in the dark; alternate color ver., F-type equipment and clear color versions of all evas).
Overall it's relatively better than the first ones. I'll keep improving...

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