March 05, 2011

Evangelion 00: Activation complete!

...and gone like hell...
I had been itching for months to make this scene... Unfortunately I didn't quite knew how...
After a lot of practice and other images, here it is!
The entry plug is from the Eva 01 F-type Bandai model kit I have (no, you'll never see it, it's horribly finished)
I used a lot of splash brushes to make the bakelite and the cracks brushes of last post made another comeback, this time in the shatterproof glass of the control room.
Impact brushes usually used in shades of orange for explotions [see the X-mas special 1 or Zeruel's debut ] were used to make the fist-punches Eva 00 made while going in a homicidal rampage...
Anyhow, tomorrow's the big day!
1st Anniversary!
I haven't received any images yet ¬¬
Sad the blog will have to pass it's 1st BD alone...

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