March 06, 2011

1st Anniversary Special Image

The top secret project finally revealed!
Y'all know I have another Eva 03 painted silver, well, his extra arms, an scalpel, more paint, 2 double joints and a lot of posing work and we have...
A Revoltech 4-arms Eva 03!
Almost 5 months before it's release!!!

Well, I guess... Thanks for all the support so far :D (people at EvaGeeks; RobotJapan and to those who reached this domain accidentally)
I saw the Blog's stats, from December 2010 to now there have been about 500 visits monthly, compared to it's first 3 months, it's an improvement...
I wish more people could bump in here, hahaha...
Anyhow... Let's see how many people visits EvaPosers every month in a year!

Ps. Surprises aren't over... I'm making an animated .gif image...

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