July 14, 2013

Space Flight II

Evangelion Production Model Custom-Type Unit 08 in the opening scene of Evangelion Q!

This image involves a large amount of 3D work, namely (and obviously) the rocket boosters, which took me 3 weeks to complete!
I used Google SketchUp for the red structure that holds all together and the top part that holds the Eva and Studio 3D Max 2010 for the rest, this due to some aspects of each program that make some things easy and some others very complicated...
In any case, the Earth at the background is actually a recycled one from HERE, I just mirrored it and gave it a red hue... Mari came out of a 2012 calendar, and she too received some touch-up (can you spot the difference?)

As you see I made 2 versions of this image, one with the Mari and one without her, and to mirror this development, I added a version of this image of Eva 02 without Asuka, that one had her because without her the image seemed empty (as there is no Earth background)

Also, you can see the review of this figure HERE at my Youtube Channel and the original photo of the Evangelion HERE at my Tumblr...

See ya later! 

PS: also using the label "Eva 08" for the first time in the blog... And the color pink XD

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