July 06, 2013

At the Very Beginning II

The Provisional Evangelion Unit 05 in the underground tunnels of Nerv's Bethany Base in Russia! Part two you ask? part one can be seen HERE

I used the Revoltech's papercraft scenario and Google SketchUp to accommodate the pieces inside the prism...
After that I only had to take a picture of the Eva that matched the angle from which the screen capture of the 3D model was taken...
Few lights here and there and done!

I found myself with some extra cash and decided to buy the Revoltech Evangelion 08 Alpha, it will be here this week, so I'll be posting it's review later, for now, you can watch the video review of Eva 00 and 03 from the 2.0 mold on my Youtube Channel

Also, waiting tight for the Revoltech Evangelion 13!
I saw some finished product pictures and it looks A-MA-ZING!!!
And to make it Even better it'll come with the Hot Toys Ada Wong I pre-ordered too! (you'll see some pics of her in my DevianArt account)

Anyhow, you can see the original image of the Eva HERE

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