September 02, 2012

Sin From Genesis

After some 3D work I managed to make the cubic AT field of this scene!
Of course, rendering is a different thing... I had made a texture that emulated how the AT field looks like on that scene but it turned out looking plain orange...
I added some glow here and there, a canvas painting effect and done!

The Zeruel is a drawing I made... Dunno how it looks like... I'm not good drawing so you'll have to tell me...

The Eva 01 in God mode (or released if you prefer) was easy too, first time the chroma key goes in the first click... And since there's no light arm to draw of halo to match angle with it was a piece of cake...

Anyhow, a few days for Resident Evil: Retribution; one month to go for Resident Evil 6 and then it's countdown for Evangelion Q... And then for a crappy cam rip XD

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