September 09, 2012

Air (3)

More simple 3D design (the bridge) with some classical backgrounds...

It's numbered as 3 'cuz one of the earliest drawings I made depicted a scene of Eva 02 vs a MP Eva... Was quite fugly, but if you wanna check it it's here... Air (2) was a bit more acceptable, was the first on which I used the motion blur tool (see it here)

Planning on making the destruction of all MP Evas... Will take some time considering how long it takes me to make serial pics (like Zeruel's never-ending attack parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 that extend for over a year and it's unfinished)

Anyway, I added the wave effect on the lower left to give the impression of water movement... I think they left that out on purpose on EoE..

Well, that's all... See ya next week...

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