January 28, 2012


...tsubasa hatamekase, yukitai...
A very hard drawing, but f^<|{ yeah!
I think is my favourite so far!
I  tried to make all the shadows while taking into account the 2 sources of light (the Eva's arm and core)...
Rei is a drawing kindly provided again by Evageeks forum member Cruel Thesis, I colored it so that it wold match the scene...
Originally the Eva was supposed to have wings, but after seeing the finished drawing with the sketch of the wings I decided the image would look overloaded, so I deleted it...
Now that I think of it, it's the 4th time I illustrate Eva 01 in it's released form (the others where
here, here and here)...
This Monday I start my 4th semester in school, so maybe some posts from now to June will be skipped... But I'll try to make them all!
I'll be taking Genetics this semester :D
I'll make me a pigeon-cat  }:D
Too bad we don't have Metaphysical Biology like in Evangelion :(

Cruel Thesis's devianArt

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