August 03, 2013

Mission to Accomplish

Evangelion 13 on it's only, ill-fated mission!
What can I say about this Revo, the sculpt is the closest-to-screen I've seen so far, but the QC seemed a bit off... See the original image HERE, check the left leg and you'll see what I'm talking about...
In any case, check the video review on my Youtube Channel!

Also, I've seen some people say that the Spears of Longinus that come with this Eva are longer than the ones normally used by Kaiyodo, I can tell you that it's not true, I took a picture of all the Spears I have and they're all the same size (see them HERE)

Now, as for the image, it is a bit of a dissapointment as I wanted to re-create the entire Terminal Dogma on 3D to use many times by only picking the correct angle, but it appears my PC has no sufficient RAM to render the thousands of skulls needed on the floor of the chamber (it appears I underestimated the requirements of 3D design)... So, unless I figure out a feasible way to do so (that does not end up in using ugly maps), images of the battle in the Terminal Dogma will be traditionally drawn...

So, the skulls are actually only 10 different ones, cloned, duplicated and mirrored many times to give the impression of being many... The pile in the background looks too cloned, you can totally see lines of eye-sockets! The frontal pile looks better XD

The Eva was tricky, given that I had to remove the extra chest and arms and swap the head and pylons... Took me more to do so that to take the damn picture -_-

So, I think that is all... I know it's not an action-packed scene, but wait 'till I get Eva 02 gamma, which by the way is being released in a few days! 

PS: Also, using for the first time the tag "Eva13"...

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