May 05, 2013

♪ Tumbling Down, Tumbling Down, Tumbling Down... ♪ (Part 2)

God knows what's wrong with Blogger... I had to upload a .jpg file 'cuz it didn't recognized the .png from an Internet Explorer!

Anyhow, the Mass Production Evas impaling their cores in End of Evangelion, I used many new techniques here: first, the stars in the far BG; they are not the ones I normally use from brush, they were drawn using the "add noise" Photoshop tool... Also, the about-to-be-destroyed Earth's atmosphere was made with a tool I found in the layers window, don't remember the name and knowing it won't do either because I dunno if they're called the same in english XD

In any case, the Eva (one picture cloned and edited) is not holding the Spear... Once again I used Spear stock images 'cuz deleting their curvy borders is very hard... I drew the head based on a screen capture of the scene in the film, hence it's crapiness... After that I just edited each of the figures to look as they do on the movie...

Which leads to the Evaposers quick-eye test: Which Eva is different from the one of the movie?

Also, see HERE the review of Evangelions #032 and #033 from Revoltech! A couple of figures borderlining with vintage nowadays! (given of couse, how long it has been since Anno released Evangelion 1.0)
I'll be posting reviews of the rest of my collection once in a while (until I start reviewing the Evangelion Q Revoltech figures)

See HERE a preview of the Blog's next week image (you never know about homework XD )

See ya later!

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