January 26, 2013

Floating to Help

No, the first (let's call it "commission work" despite it wasn't precisely that) I've made: Eva 04 floating in front of Ramiel's fiery explosion as seen in the Rebuild of Evangelion Pachinko games... I think they're called "Last Messenger" or "Last Angel"...

Anyhow, I've used again the water reflection effect I used last HERE and the 2.0 mold Eva 04 (which is actually a custom I made)

I must say, erasing the silvery color of both this Eva and the 2.0 mold Eva 00 is quite difficult for me... I dunno why... In any case, for once since many months ago I have the image for next week ready!
Also, is the Eva gliding, hovering, levitating, floating or what!?

Well, next Monday I have to go back to school so once again the week skipping, although considering that I've not been posting on a weekly basis as originally planned I dunno why I give excuses XD

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