November 10, 2012

Space Flight

Eva 02 as it will be seen in Evangelion: You Can (Not) Redo!
I must say, this figure really gave me a headache... The stand! The freakin' stand!
It can't hold the Shuttle-thing and the Eva at the same time without collapsing...

So, nothing special, actually, it's the fastest I've finished an image!
To begin with, the straight lines of the Shuttle-thing makes really easy to erase the chroma key and the BG, well... Black, blue and stars brush...

Asuka, on the other hand...
Well, I though that Eva 02 was kinda lonely so I decided to add her at the last minute (when I was writing the entry actually)...
She is a composition of 2 images: the Asuka featured months ago in the monthly image of the Eva Store (if memory serves me well), which had the Mark 06 Spear removed and replaced with the helmet she uses in the film (the 2nd image), that was edited to look like a drawing (you can still see some details of the "cartoonization"... The helmet, BTW, is a picture from the Real Action Heroes figure of Asuka (Evangelion Q version)...

Anyhow, I'll try to post something next week... and waiting for the release of Eva Q!
The long wait is over!!! 

Edit: the Youtube review will take a while, the camera corrupted all files, so I can't edit T-T
Edit #2: You can watch the review of this figure HERE

Edit 14-Jul-2013:
Given that I made 2 versions of Eva 08 and Mari I upload a version without Asuka  

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