July 22, 2010

A step forward [into terror]

At last a (decent) new post!

Asuka and Nigoki!
With the help of my new touchsmart PC I have done things I never dreamt of!
I erased practically every articulation, added shadings, lightings, colorings and other gerunds...
Asuka is her ever-famous screenshot from the intro of the anime, if you see closely, you'll see shading on her lips (though not much of it).
As I said, I erased every visible articulation; redrew tha neck of the Eva and colored the missing part of the frontal armor and (though the water splashes cover them) the knees...
Unfortunately the font of the text that reads "Evangelion model X" is missing, so I had to change it...
I'll try to return to the original post-per-week sequence :D

EDIT: Re-made most of the image (that is, the BG, the mid-BG, the water splashes and changed Asuka from the Tv opening scene to the 2009 calendar picture :D

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