March 06, 2010

Offspring of Idleness

Today at 9:16 Pm (local time) this blog is born.
Objective: make use of all those Evangelion figures I´ve bought and share it whit all of you other owners of Evangelion figures (they can be Revoltechs, Yamato, Soul of Chogokin, generic gashapon, Bandai's
model kits, etc).
AND let you share yours too!
But first: a VERY important detail: well be using trademarks, it's important to point out that I don't own rights to any of these brands or intelectual works, they're all property of either Gainax, Khara, Kaiyodo, etc... Anyway, nor I nor anyone is making money outta this, so... Let us begin...
First image! YAY!
Through certain program (named after a place where you sop 4 photos) that allow some cool image editing I made this! Okey... It's not that much of a photomontage, but they'll get better!

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