June 09, 2013

The Beast

Shini's purple beast!
That iconic image of Evangelion Eva 01 coming from the blast the 3rd Angel (4th in Rebuild) created!
I did it in a rush, theese last weeks have been a run-around of chaos at school!

I made this from a suggestion someone made at the Evageeks forum about this specific image, so, here it is!
I used some Gaussian blur to create the firey background and did some editing on the Eva's right eye...
Also, I decided on the 2.0 mold instead of the Eva Evolution one... I think the proportions are far better...

Anyhow, I'll try to post something next weekend... Last week of thsi semester is here!

Se the unedited image at my Tumblr!

Also, I changed the header image of the blog reusing this Eva 00 and Eva 02... And Eva 01 from here XD 

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